• Missing days
  • Base rate until
  • Investment duration
    12 MONTHS
  • Investors
  • Min/Max investment
    100 / 5.000€
  • Project type:
  • Minimum raised target
    40.000 €
  • Maximum raised target:
    40.000 €
  • Basic annual rate of return:
    7.00% For the owners of the card of the shop NaturaSì of Via Parini Ponte San Nicolò, Padua
  • Investment duration:
    12 MONTHS
  • Type of amortization:
    Fixed installment (French-style amortization: capital + interest at each installment)
  • First instalment repayment date:
  • Last repayment date:


The company R2M Solution S.r.l. is asking for a loan of €40,000 which will be used for the construction and installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the NaturaSì shop located in Via Parini in Ponte San Nicolò, Padua (PD).

The intervention involves :

Installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof with a nominal power of 24 kWp

NaturaSì is one of the most important Italian supermarkets, symbol of the GDO dedicated to the production and sale of organic products that follow ethical criteria along the production chain. It has about 300 points of sale throughout Italy with an annual turnover of around €500 million.

The project foresees a higher rate to involve the stakeholders:

  • Interest rate equal to 7% for stakeholders and card holders of the NaturaSì shop of Via Parini Ponte San Nicolò, Padua.
  • 6% interest rate for holders of NaturaSì card.
  • 5% interest rate for residents of the Veneto Region


NaturaSì website


The campaign is a pilot project that is part of the wider European program “Super Heero” , dedicated to the energy efficiency of supermarkets and GDOs, where stakeholders, customers, and local communities are called to actively participate in supporting sustainable development of territories and supply chains.

Supermarkets are large consumers of energy: their bills cover around 15% of total management costs. Thanks to the progress made in recent years, energy-saving technologies can help cut costs and CO2 emissions. Moreover, there are new and innovative financial tools, such as crowdlending, which can bring together supermarkets, customers, and local communities with a winning approach! Imagine the positive impact that could be created if supermarkets involved their customers in this virtuous cycle, for example, by installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of the supermarket.

All together we can do something for sustainable development!

The Super Heero research project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 scheme.


Find out more about the Super Heero European project: br>



Thanks to Super-Heero, who adheres to the project"Alberiamo Padova", four trees will be planted within the Municipality of Padua, thus contributing to the protection of biodiversity and the fight against climate change!

Do you want to participate in the festival "Anime Verdi""Anime Verdi"? Get your free ticket and visit the most beautiful gardens in Padua on 6 and 7 May 2023! You will be contacted after participating in the crowdfunding campaign!


The project is based on a form of contract Operational rental: it is a special form of rent contract through which a company has the possibility to use a good, in this specific case the photovoltaic system and or the requalification interventions for a period of time established pouring a periodic rent. In contrast to a financial lease, however, the contract may also include design, installation and maintenance costs, as well as insurance coverage. The operating rental is therefore the ideal solution for SMEs who want to pay for the use "pay for use" without being interested in the property of the asset, obtaining a immediate savings.

This is a solution that is also interesting for the supplier, which has the possibility to offer its Customers access to a instalment payment plan, practical and fast. At the end of the contract you can decide to replace the equipment with a new product, extend the rental at a reduced price or purchase the same property.


Ener2Crowd provides a standardized parameter called "EnerScore" that is assigned to every single investment proposal. This parameter defines a GLOBAL RATING that sums up objectively, complete and understandable all the data that characterize the project.

In the case of the Project proposed by R2M Solution S.r.l., the resulting EnerScore is equal to 7,66 for which is assigned a RATING A.


How is Enerscore calculated?
The Energy entrusts a score (including between 3,2 and 10) to the project corresponds to a GLOBAL RATING (A+, A, B+, B, C). Such a score by the interpolation of three separate analyses for which it is defined a level of partial rating weighted on different weights:

POINTTECHNICAL ANALYSIS- Weight 30% (Definition of a partial rating based on applied technologies and the type of contract)

POINTANALYSIS- Weight 60% (Definition of a partial rating based on the creditworthiness of the company proposed by EasyFintech and the final customer)

POINTANALYSIS OF AZIENDAL HISTORY- Weight 10% (Definition of a partial rating based on the company experience gained in the specific sector)

NOTE: It is specified that this value is only an element of reflection that an investor can consider in the decision to participate in the financing.


The photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the supermarket NaturaSi in via Parini in Padova (PD).


Logo Noleggio Energia

R2M Solution is an engineering company specializing in integrated and multidisciplinary advice. The mission is to bridge the gap between research activities in real estate, promoted by the European Commission especially through Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes, and their application on the market.

The company operates as accelerator to migrate technologies and services in the market, in the fields of innovation, sustainability, engineering, energy and Ict, also through innovative products. His strength lies in knowing identify and support organizations, enterprises, public institution and universities in the development of projects interregional, European and international cooperation.

Thanks to its expertise, R2M Solution offers support in policy-making, socioeconomic programming, governance and the establishment of public-private strategic partnerships. Within these projects, the company often flanks its partners in managing the logistic, administrative and financial aspects, both as an external consultant and as a leader.

R2M Solution can count on a team young, multispecialist and highly qualified, with over 10 years of experience in the implementation, management, coordination and evaluation of vast research programmes at European level.


R2M Solution S.r.l. is a company dedicated to research and development in the scientific and integrated engineering fields.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company is Mr. Messervey Thomas Brian, with no past negative issues.

The adopted analysis methodology involves the calculation of a synthetic risk indicator, called Integrated Easyscore, obtained through a proprietary algorithm that integrates and synthesizes three partial scores (Easyscore Expert, CeBi Score 4, and CR Score). The Integrated Easyscore places the company - on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 corresponds to maximum safety and 10 to maximum risk - in risk class 4, with a score of 78.7/100 corresponding to the judgment of "Wide Solvency".

Below is a summary of the analyses of the other partial scores:

Easyscore Expert: evaluates the financial solvency and commercial reliability of the company through the calculation of the Cribis d&b Rating (Failure score, Delinquency score, Paydex Cribis d&b, negative events). R2M Solution S.r.l. has been assigned a Cribis Rating of "2" with an average cessation risk. The financial consistency corresponds to "A".

CeBi Score 4: The CeBi elaborations provide the calculation of the PD - Probability Default through a certified algorithm for the banking world, within the scoring models and internal rating systems (so-called Internal Rating Based) used by Italian credit institutions. The scores evaluate the economic and financial solidity of the company, placed in its current and prospective economic system. The analysis of the balance sheet as of 31-12-2021 under the risk of insolvency classifies the company in class S3, corresponding to a situation of High Solvency with a PD of 0.07%. This class includes 19.37% of companies belonging to the sector of Experimental Research and Development in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering.

CR Score: expresses in a synthetic way a judgment on the ways of using the credit lines granted to it by the banking system, reported within the Central Risks Bank of Italy. It was not possible to calculate the value as the company is not exposed to the Banking System but uses capital derived from its own corporate funds.

The analyses summarized in the Integrated Easyscore place R2M Solution S.r.l. in an area of "Wide Solvency" with a score of 78.7/100.


For the first 14 days (until 19 April 2023 at 12:00 p.m.), only residents of the Province can participate in the initiative Padua (PD). From 12:00 am on 19 April 2023 to 26 April the Campaign will also open to residents of Veneto Region. From 26 April 2023 to 12:00, until 24 May, definitive closure of the collection, will be able to participate in the initiative also those who are resident in Italy and has a NaturaSi card.



Investors sign a loan agreement with R2M Solution by letting the Company money, which uses funds to purchase the property that rents NaturaSì.

The type of contract is a Purpose loan: R2M Solution is obliged to use the funds received by Investors exactly as provided in the Project illustrated in the offer to the public and not to divert them for other purposes.

Struttura del progetto


The campaign has as its objective the involvement and participation of stakeholders in the financing of the project, i.e. the customers themselves and the local communities, thus being able to become directly protagonists of the energy transition and actively contributing to the sustainable development of the area by triggering a virtuous collaboration.

The interest rates offered vary according to the following brackets:

Interest rate equal to 7% for stakeholders and card holders of the NaturaSì shop b> of Via Parini Ponte San Nicolò Padova.
Interest rate equal to 6% for holders of NaturaSì card.
5% interest rate for residents of the Veneto Region.


This is the example of a depreciation plan for financing. For simplicity, an investment of depreciation is shown in the depreciation plan € 5,000With the annual interest rate of 7%.

In this type of amortization is expected the return of Capital and Interest to each breed; in the example there is a constant rata of €1,305,16.


*Over tax returns.