Ener2crowd is the first Italian lending platform Crowdfunding (also known as social lending) that allows to a multitude of Retail or Institutional Investors (Crowd, literally & ldquo; crowd & rdquo;) to invest money in projects Energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability environmental.
On the one hand investors lend their money in exchange for A default annual interest rate calculated on the basis of the technical-economic feasibility of the project and on the Financial solidity of the proposer.On the other side, i Proposers, through crowdfunding, can access one Alternative (or complementary) form of financing for Benefit from project and installation costs.Savings arising energy will allow the proponent to return In the times and in the methods set up the pre-established capital From investors and their interests.
Crowdfunding is increasingly becoming a form of collection of valid and effective capital.Flexibility, speed, Visibility, community involvement and democratization of finance are just some of the advantages you get Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.Each platform Allows you to test your projects, exposing them to the impartial judgment of the crowd online and in this way it is It is possible to get in touch with people hardly Reachable with other tools.Outside of the mere Capital collection tool, a platform of crowdfunding is able to give great visibility to companies Proposers who receive benefits of indirect marketing.
In a lending platform investors lend the precisely money in exchange for a gain defined through a Interest rate and regulated by a financing contract. It is therefore a debt that takes charge of the company proposer and is regulated by a digitally signed contract Between the parts.With the equity crowdfunding the investor becomes Member of a company that is created ad hoc (with annexed costs) For the operation, participating in the profits or losses of that society.
Our choice was directed towards the Lending Crowdfunding Due to the type of projects we intend to to publish.We talk about medium / small-sized loans without excluding large projects with a variable duration from 1 to 7 years.The flexibility of the lending crowdfunding there It will allow you to implement unique characteristics Inside the platform: rates of variable interests in Base to the residence of investors and the creation of a Secondary market are just some of the opportunities that We will add to a later stage.
All projects are analyzed, designed and verified by a Group of industry experts (interiors or external to the team Ener2crowd) that validate the publication on the platform. We have partners Energy Service Companies able to Support us in more complex cases.We will analyze projects from A technical-economic point of view and we will evaluate the solidity Financial of the proposer.The goal is to propose On the platform exclusively solid projects from the point of Financial view and with a strong ecological impact.
We support us with an external company, completely impartial, For the analysis of the creditworthiness of the companies.It deals with of the EasyFintech platform.This platform dialogues Directly with the Ener2crowd platform and whenever A company proposes a project on the website www.ener2crowd.com, A simplified report is generated which analyzes the merit Credit of the proposing company.In case of a positive report, A more in-depth analysis is made that comes subsequently made public among the downloadable documents of the project.
Ener2crowd is a percentage variable from 4% to 7% on the capital harvested, in addition to the cost of preparation of the Campaign on the site and a retaining of 0.5% on reimbursement Rate to investors.All these expenses are incurred From the company that promotes the campaign.The work of Monitoring of payments and analysis of the campaigns concluded It is remunerated with a percentage variable from project a project from 1% to 10% on interest perceived by Investors.
Ener2crowd entrusts money transactions to an institute of Payment authorized by the bank of France with passport European named Lemonway, this company is now leading in digital payments for crowdfunding platforms with a Transato of almost 2 billion euros in 2018. Ener2crowd in Europe acts with direct mandate as an agent of the Institute of French payment Lemonway according to article 128 quater TUB, at number 6.
A sign that distinguishes our platform is the absolute Transparency: We make public all the information and Our analysis on projects, we show the potential gain to Net of commissions and taxes through data Absolutely understandable.Community, future and sustainability, These are the pillars on which En2crowd is based.Unlike of the other platforms, from generalities to those real estate, we make it accessible to all the possibility of take part in the most important and difficult challenge of ours Time: actively participate in the energy transition to A completely circular and sustainable economy.


Once a digital portfolio is opened and charged through Bank transfer or credit card, the amount of your money It will be ready to be invested.When you invest in a project, Your money passes from your portfolio to the company proposer.The proposing company portfolio is opened and managed by the Ener2crowd team, in this way the proposer is not It can empty your portfolio at any time.A the campaign is completed, capital to the Company to develop the project and begins the payment of Rate to investors according to the financing contract Signed.
In the event of a liquidation of the company, all payments and i financing contracts remain valid and active because the Money flow is managed by a payment institution external named lemonway that ensures all transactions financial.
The Ener2crowd projects undergo a rigorous analysis that it also concerns the solidity of the proposer to be able to repay the loan.As in each investment portfolio, the method best is always to differentiate distributing the Just budget on different types of projects.With this Method even those who invest in complex financial products succeeds Always to mitigate the risk inherent in the concept of investment same.Null risk does not exist in the world of Investments, but the investments proposed on Ener2crowd does not depend on how the market will go or from the economy in general, but from engineering principles that can be considered More stable and reliable.
In accordance with the current legislation, tax discipline concerning the proceeds deriving from loans provided through Peer to Peer platforms, currently does not allow Agents of a payment institution to act as substitutes of Set, consequently each investor will have to declare in Autonomous way such income. Please note that income they must still be declared regardless of the sum be deposited on the ENER2CROWD account or moved to the own personal account. Specifically, natural persons are not Business activity operators (so unregistered on the portal With a VAT number), you will have to declare the income Gross perceived through the 730 model or the income model Physical persons, while natural persons operating activities of Company, companies and institutions will declare these proceeds as Business income. For more details on the procedure Declaration We recommend consulting your own accountant or fiscalist and to download the driving practice provided by Ener2crowd in the Taxation section of your own Reserved area.
According to the financing contract, installments can be repay monthly, quarterly, halfestrally or annually.Check the financing contracts and the plan of amortization to know when the next installment is expected.
Despite the in-depth analyzes we do before publish our projects, it is possible that a company is not Repenates the debt.The financing contract is a contract regulated by Italian law and, if not respected, beyond The application of default interest will be right The investor acts legally towards the proponent.
Current regulation does not allow the development of a secondary market, but, as soon as the legislation will allow it, it will come implemented.We believe that a secondary market is vital Importance for a crowdfunding platform like our ED It is therefore among our priorities for upcoming developments.
Based on risk, an interest rate is assigned that takes into account the economic technical feasibility of Project and financial solidity of the proposer.Yields which offer the proponent companies on our platform They range from 4% to 8% gross.
The duration of the projects can vary from 1 to 7 years.Until A secondary market will be implemented, your capital Invested cannot be requested before the end of the financing contract, unless it is provided by proposing company.Check the financing contract for Find all this information.


Any company that has or wants to develop a GREEN project It can propose an intervention to be financed through crowdfunding. We identified the following companies as potential Proposing:
  • SMEs and large companies
  • Public company
  • Utilities
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Technology suppliers
  • Project developers
  • Investment funds
It is possible to propose any project that has an impact Positive on the environment: energy efficiency projects (CHP, heat pumps, electric motors, urc systems, etc) projects of renewable energy (photovoltaic, solar thermal, hydroelectric, wind, biogas, geothermal, etc) projects Residential (energy efficiency of buildings, efficiency Power plants, etc.) sustainable projects (mobility Electric, transporting transport, etc)
We have implemented 4 types of financing within of our platform:
  • Long-term financing at a fixed installment with interest fixed
  • Long-term loan to variable installment with interest fixed
  • Short-term bullet financing with interest fee in the end
  • Short-term bullet financing with capital altitude to end
It is possible to simulate possible investments on Ener2crowd Using our SIMULATORE At this link.
Absolutely yes!Ener2crowd, as an institution’s agent European payment, can propose crowdfunding campaigns Within any Member State of the European Union.For the moment, however, until the entry into force of the new one European legislation The company that proposes the project must Being Italian.
The imposed limit is 8 million euros collected for Each project over 12 months.
This is a subordinate loan that is not reported in Central Risks, in this way the existing credit lines They will not be heavy.Furthermore, except for some cases, no guarantees are required by the company proposer.
The economic requirement of the proposing company cannot be collected exclusively through the crowdfunding, since this instrument is used as a complementary loan to others Credit lines.
Simple information is needed in a first phase concerning the project: Business Plan, Installed Technology, Savings generated and companies involved.At a later stage more information will be requested on the project and on Company (Camagine Visure, Last Budgets, Financial Structure of the project, etc).It is possible to propose your project to ENEROXCROWD and load all the documents necessary for this LINK.
Our team is composed of engineers and economists in the sector Energy that can help you develop your project sustainable.We can also get in touch with the most Great esco and Italian utilities.